Flexibility-Key to Success

There is no shortage of wisdom on how you can develop a successful mindset. Flexibility is the key to success. There are people who are naturally born with this virtue; others work for flexibility while others fail completely to develop this important trait. Either it is something that you have or lack, but you can always accomplish it over time You may be asking yourself “what can I do to gain flexibility?” With time, I have learned that flexibility is hard to attain but with the help of your friends, family, combined with trust and time, you can eventually acquire this virtue.

Flexibility is the willingness or readiness to influence others; not invincibly obstinate or rigid. Being flexible scores all sorts of points with hiring managers and recruiters, but being too flexible can cause you trouble down the road. If you are in search of a job, flexibility is the key. In the market, employers are after people who can quickly adapt to their changing organization and changing times. Some points below will elaborate your flexibility to employers:

  1. Given the number of people competing for the same position as you, try to schedule your interviews as quickly as possible. When you postpone your interview because of other plans during the week chances are someone else will beat you to the door.
  2. If you have an opportunity to be interviewed, have room for delays or cancellations especially if you are going to meet up with multiple people in a day. Setting your expectations that all your interviews will start and end as expected may cause you unnecessary aggravation and frustration.
  3. You should expect to be interviewed by a panel that have five or six people in it before you are hired. You can also be interviewed with as many people as six before finally being employed. If you happen to receive a call asking you to go back for the seventh time, happily accept and thank the company for inviting you back in

Besides flexibility, there is another key point to success such as confidence. There are people who are so confident that they are usually not scared to do anything. On the contrary, there are others who are afraid of being ridiculed or judged by others. Self-confidence is not taught but can be reached by deciding to believe in yourself. To attain confidence, you need to believe that you can handle the task that you have at hand. You cannot accomplish this overnight, but you can get stronger with time One way that you attain confidence is by acting you are confident even when you are not When you act as if you are confident, you will transfer it into truly developing a high self-esteem. You can also talk to others to increase your self-confidence.

Generally, flexibility is a trait that most people struggle with at one point but you can achieve it by speaking with people who are supportive and trusting your ability. Someone once said, “The measure of intelligence is your ability to change.” Being flexible in your own skin is the key to success and enjoyment in life J

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